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Episode 12.3: Soul’s Disney+ Premiere, Nintendo Suing a TikTokker, and Microsoft and GameStop Partnering Up

October 14, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the Online Warriors Podcast! We hope you enjoyed our guest interview with Stephanie Czajkowski last week - and this week, we're back with more nerdy news goodness! Let's get into it:

  • Soul will now premiere straight-to-streaming on Disney+ (2:23) 
  • Nintendo sues a TikTokker over her usage of a popular IP (17:39)
  • Microsoft and GameStop announce a new partnership and revenue sharing venture (28:38)

The crew's been pretty busy watching movies this week, and share their thoughts in our hands-on segment:

  • Illeagle watches Mulan and gives a mini-review from his perspective (38:44)
  • Nerdbomber watches Netflix's new Adam Sandler flick, Hubie Halloween (43:26)
  • Techtic continues to tinker and checks out King of Staten Island (49:56)

For our trivia this week, we turn our attention to Saturday Night Live! See who knows the most about this iconic show (52:02)

This week's promo: Shonen Flop 

Special shoutout to our Patreon Producer: Ben Cheknis.

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As always, we appreciate you tuning in, and look forward to seeing you next week! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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