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Episode 12.2: Interview with Doom Patrol’s Stephanie Czajkowski, Free Guy, Super High, and more!

October 7, 2020
Welcome back to another episode of the Online Warriors Podcast! This week, we have a very special episode in store for you.
We kick off the episode with a special guest interview featuring Stephanie Czajkowski! You may recognize her from her latest roles in Doom Patrol, The Call of the Wild, and Breakthrough. She comes on the show today to discuss her history in acting, what it's like to play a complex role like Hammerhead, and some stories from set! (00:24)
Next, we jump into some of the latest juicy news in the world of movies:
  • Free Guy gets a second trailer (25:06)
  • Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson team up for a new movie called Super High (37:05)
  • Jamie Foxx re-cast as Electro in Spider-Man 3 (47:05)
The crew then goes hands on in their What-Are-You-Up-To Segment:
  • Techtic watches Mr. Robot (57:33)
  • Nerdbomber plays Tracks and Doom: Eternal in pursuit of that sweet sweet Gamerscore (1:00:06)
  • Illeagle plays the Untitled Goose Game with Haze (1:05:21)
This week, we embark on a Pod-Ception with this week's trivia show! We play some Podcast Trivia - and Illeagle crosses his fingers that he might win. (1:07:03)
This week's promo: Still Loading Podcast
Special shoutout to our Patreon Producer: Ben Cheknis.  
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As always, we appreciate you tuning in, and look forward to seeing you next week! Stay safe and healthy everyone!  
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Thanks again to Stephanie Czajkowski - we really enjoyed having her! You can keep up with her at the following links:

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