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Episode 7.9: Black Widow, ET’s Return, and PlayStation Turns 25

December 4, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of the Online Warriors Podcast, bringing you discussions on the latest in nerdy and entertainment news. We've got a jam-packed episode for you this week, so let's dive right in to the news!

- Black Widow's movie officially gets a trailer (2:31)

- E.T. returns in a new Xfinity advertisement (19:37)

- PlayStation turns 25 and breaks a World Record (37:19)

Then, we dive into some of our hands-on content and see what the crew has been up to in the past week!

- Techtic gets in the holiday spirit (49:33)

- Nerdbomber reads the latest from Sue Burke and dives further into Astral Chain (51:47)

- Illeagle sees Knives Out - multiple times! (54:05)

Of course, it wouldn't be a full episode without checking on our Fantasy Movie League scores! (55:26) If you'd like to join in the fun, we'd love to have you; set a line up every week with your favorite movies and compete with other Online Warriors community members! Check it out at and search for the "Online Warriors Podcast" league. The password to join in "podcast".

Next up, we have some trivia on the docket! See which of our cast members is an expert in Fonts with our latest Lie Detector game. (57:14)

Special Shoutout to our Patreon Producer, Ben Cheknis! Thank you for all of your continued support.

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We have a promo this week from our friends over at: Ghosts of the Stratosphere.

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