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Episode 7.7: Half-Life Alyx, Google Stadia Launch, and Myles Garrett

November 20, 2019

Welcome back to the Online Warriors Podcast! We've got another great episode for your ears this week, covering some of the latest in nerd and entertainment news. Let's jump in!

- Valve announces a new Half-Life game... in VR (1:58)

- Google Stadia launches to some very mixed reviews (13:14)

- Myles Garrett contends with an indefinite suspension after a vicious hit (33:01)

Then, the gang gets a little more hands on and talks about what they've each been up to the past week.

- Techtic gets festive and puts up some holiday lights (48:12)

- ** SPOILER ALERT ** Nerdbomber discusses The Mandalorian (51:35)

- Illeagle revisits the Star Wars movies (58:25)

Next up, we check in on our Fantasy Movie League standings! This week's leaderboard is topped by Justin ARRadio. It's not too late to join in the fun. If you want to play, head over to and look for the league "Online Warriors Podcast" - use password "podcast" to join the league! (01:00:32)

Finally, we get back into game mode and tackle some "Lie Detector" trivia! This week's topic is Star Wars Species. Will Nerdbomber best our resident Star Wars expert Illeagle with some of these crazy species names? Find out at (01:01:00).

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