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Episode 6.3: Loot Box Disclosure, Live-Action Aladdin Sequels, and the Quest for Amelia Earhart

August 14, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of the Online Warriors Podcast! We're here with season 6 and a great new episode with this week's latest and greatest. We start off with some news:

- Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo team up to take on loot box odds disclosure (2:37)

- Disney is already considering a sequel to the live-action Aladdin film (22:00)

- Explorers may be on the right path to finally discovering Amelia Earhart's fate (38:45)

Then, we check in with what the team has been up to the last few weeks!

- Techtic fills us in on the latest Pokemon deck he tried out (50:37)

- Illeagle discusses some brand new board games he's played (53:35)

- Nerdbomber and Techtic discuss their adventures at a Renaissance Festival (55:43)

Of course, we have to check in with our weekly Fantasy Movie League standings! If you'd like to take part in our Fantasy Movie League, search for the "Online Warriors Podcast" league on the FML website and use the password "podcast" - the league is open for all to join! (01:01:10)

Finally, we wrap things up with our Pac-Man themed trivia show! (01:04:40)

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