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Episode 6.10: PlayStation Assist, Dick (Ric?) Grayson, and Birds of Prey

October 2, 2019
 Welcome back to another great week of the Online Warriors Podcast! To celebrate a huge milestone (1000 Twitter Followers), we're currently giving away a $10 Giftcard on Twitter. Check it out now!
To kick things off, we dive into the latest in nerdy news!
- PlayStation Assist - a potential feature for PS5 (04:40)
- Dick Grayson's comic book future (17:17)
[We also take a short break to hear some words from one of our indie podcast friends, Checkpoint Reached! Check their podcast out now at ]
- The new Birds of Prey trailer (26:50)
Then the crew checks in with their latest activities:
- Nerdbomber dishes on 4 Weddings and a Funeral (38:55)
- Techtic takes on a big boss in Gears 5 (46:53)
- Illeagle watches Serenity and Forged in Fire (50:05)
Of course, wouldn't be a full week if we didnt check out the Fantasy Movie League standings! If you'd like to play, check out the "Online Warriors Podcast" league on FML, and use password "podcast". (55:32)
Last but not least, there's a new format for a trivia showdown! This week's trivia? A Lie Detector test about Boardgames! (58:37)
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