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Episode 5.7: Harley Quinn’s New Look, Toy Story 4, and the Valve Index

July 3, 2019

Happy Birthday America - I hope our US friends are having an enjoyable holiday week, and for those not in the US, we hope you're still having an amazing week!

We have a bit of a shorter episode this week, but we'll still be covering some awesome news topics! Check it out!

- New photos reveal Harley Quinn's new look (2:30)

- Toy Story 4 came out - and was a heckuva good time (5:06)

- Valve reveals the Index, the most expensive headset to date (17:30)

Then, we briefly check in with the team! Techtic discusses his continued adventures with Sonic Forces, and Nerdbomber discusses her latest foray into Black Ops 4!

Note - Due to the American holiday, this episode was pre-recorded a bit earlier in the week than normal and contains only Techtic and Nerdbomber. There was also no quiz show this week or FML results due to the pre-recorded nature of the show.

Special shoutout and thanks to our Patreon producer, Ben Cheknis!

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