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Episode 5.5: Hunger Games Prequel, Pennyworth, Pokemon, and Libra

June 19, 2019

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Online Warriors Podcast! If this is your first episode, we'll be kicking it off with some nerd news this week, discussing:

  • The announcement of a new Hunger Games prequel book and movie (3:05)
  • The trailer for the new Pennyworth series on Epix (13:08)
  • Pokemon limiting the Pokedex in Sword/Shield (21:42)
  • The announcement of Facebook's new cryptocurrency, Libra (32:51)

After the news segment, we get a bit more hands on and discuss what each host has been up to in the past week.

  • Techtic does more dad stuff (43:02)
  • Nerdbomber reads the Tearling series (44:46)
  • Illeagle goes from #flufftobuff, sees a movie, and finishes a game (47:03)

Then, we check out the latest standings of our Fantasy Movie League (50:41) and visit our weekly trivia show (53:42) where we discuss Pug Facts!

Special thank you to our Patreon Producer for this week's episode: Ben Cheknis!

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