Online Warriors: A Gaming and Entertainment Podcast

Episode 5.3: Death Stranding, Death of iTunes, and Avengers Leaks

June 5, 2019

In episode 5.3 of the podcast, we have an exciting lineup of news and discussion. First up, we have our Round Table Roundup, where we discuss the latest news headlines:

  • The new Death Stranding trailer (4:05)
  • The death of iTunes (17:41)
  • The Crystal Dynamics Avengers game leak (31:15)

Then, we dive into our What Are You Up To Wednesday segment, where:

  • Illeagle discusses his latest foray into Murder Mystery hosting (41:35)
  • Techtic shares some pretty big news (48:09)
  • Nerdbomber meets a sloth (53:00)

Finally, we wrap it up by checking out the latest standings in the Online Warriors Fantasy Movie League (57:10) and play through our latest trivia gameshow centered on Ice Cream (1:00:24).

Last but not least, we'd like to give a huge shoutout to this week's Patreon Producer: Ben Cheknis

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