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Episode 14.2: PlayStation State of Play, Pokemon Present, and BioWare’s New Direction

March 3, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the Online Warriors Podcast! This week, we have a full crew: Illeagle returns and we have a special guest, one of our Patreon producers - Ben Cheknis. We have a ton of gaming news to cover, so let's jump right into it.

We recap PlayStation's latest State of Play presentation (1:34), including more in-depth conversations around:

  • Returnal (3:21)
  • Sifu (5:23)
  • Knockout City (13:07)
  • Games we wanted to see, that we didn't - and the impact of the mental hype train (16:57)

Then, Nintendo held a special Pokemon Presents (20:28) to make some big announcements:

  • A new preview of Pokemon Snap (22:13)
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus (23:29)
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake (24:09)

Finally, we turn our attention to some news from EA:

  • BioWare abandons Anthem and commits to a fully single-player Dragon Age 4 (32:41)

We've got a ton of hands-on takes and reviews, running the gamut of topics this week. The crew discusses:

  • Ben plays the new Outriders demo (46:11)
  • Techtic potatoes and gets ready to play Iron Man: VR (49:33)
  • Illeagle watches WandaVision and Judas and the Black Messiah (51:01)
  • Nerdbomber watches The Little Things (52:04)

For this week's trivia, run the Queen's Gambit and play some Chess-related trivia! (55:37)

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Special shoutout to our Patreon Producers: Ben Cheknis and Steven Keller!

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As always, we appreciate you tuning in, and look forward to seeing you next week! Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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