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Episode 13.9: The Big Game, EA Betting Big on Mobile Gaming, and Prince of Persia Delays

February 10, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the Online Warriors Podcast! We've got a Lady and the Tramp special this week, with Illeagle and Nerdbomber holding down the fort. 

Let's jump right in with "The Big Game" recap!

  • Recapping the Superbowl game (6:55)
  • Discussing the Superbowl commercials (8:27)
  • Impressions of the Weeknd's Halftime Show (15:23)
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer debut (21:03)
  • Old trailer debut (30:00)

Then we jump into some gaming news to discuss:

  • The EA acquisition of Glu Mobile for $2.1 Billion (39:23)
  • The indefinite delay of the Prince of Persia remake (48:48)

The crew's been catching up on a ton of great content in the last week, and share their thoughts in the latest Hands On segment:

  • Illeagle watches WandaVision, plays Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2, and watches The Little Things (54:21)
  • Nerdbomber watches Palmer on Apple+ (58:21)

For our game show this week, we get retro with a solo-quiz all about Game Boy Games! (1:00:03)

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