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Episode 13.1: Interview with Greg Edmonson, WB Movies Premiering on HBO Max, and Heart of Stone & Metal Gear Casting News

December 9, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the Online Warriors Podcast! This week, we have a very special episode in store for you.

We kick off the episode with a special guest interview featuring two-time BAFTA winner and the composer behind some of your favorite Firefly and Uncharted scores: Greg Edmonson! Greg comes on the show today to discuss his experience in the film and game industry, and gives us some insight into the music composition creative process. Some quick hits from our interview:

  • Greg's start in the TV/video game scoring industry (2:16)
  • Why stories like Uncharted and Firefly have so much heart (5:12)
  • How some of the most iconic music in the Uncharted series came about (23:37)
  • How Greg maintained the thematic devices of the series while tailoring to the new settings and feel of each Uncharted game (31:28)
  • The origin of Nate's Theme (34:05)
  • How Greg landed on the unique direction of the Firefly scores (38:06)
  • Greg's reaction and the story behind the cancellation of Firefly (41:23)
  • What it was like writing the final score for the final episode of Firefly (47:55)

Next, we jump into some of the latest juicy news in the world of nerdy entertainment:

  • WB announces that their 2021 slate of movies will be premiering on HBO Max (1:01:29)
  • Gal Gadot is set to star as the lead in Skydance Media's spy thriller, Heart of Stone (1:14:36)
  • Oscar Isaac cast to play Solid Snake in Sony's Metal Gear Solid movie (1:19:01)

The crew then goes hands on in their What-Are-You-Up-To Segment:

  • Techtic starts playing the new co-op adventure RPG, Haven (1:24:09)
  • Illeagle gets in the Christmas spirit with the Netflix original, Let it Snow (1:25:37)
  • Nerdbomber finishes Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and watches the new Disney+ original movie, Godmothered (1:26:35)

This week, due to time constraints, there will be no quiz. Check back next week to see who will be the new winner in our weekly trivia!

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Thanks again to Greg Edmonson - we really enjoyed having him on the show! You can keep up with him at his website: The Official Site of Composer Greg Edmonson

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